I’ll be sharing my thoughts on a variety of topics, ranging from:

  • food, nutrition, fitness, and healthcare
  • global environment
  • science and engineering
  • minimalism
  • transportation
  • politics

I’m anticipating that health will be the primary focus of most posts, but in some cases my thoughts may even touch on all categories.

I’d like to chronicle my recent journey that began at age 53 in May 2011 as a vegetarian who joined a “Vegan Tour of Whole Foods” sponsored by a local activist and ended, well, of course it hasn’t ended yet! However, I have come to embrace a low carb, high fat (LCHF) whole foods diet and otherwise “primal” lifestyle that is quite unlike how I’d lived before. I’m not a fan of the word “paleo” as it invokes too many disparate images from reader to reader (can you say, “straw man?”), but the details will become clear to anyone who cares to continue reading. Nothing is immutable, however, as I continue to learn and explore.

Contributions will range from reviews of newspaper articles, books, scientific journal articles, or other blog posts to summaries of my recent medical or fitness results, but I may post random thoughts on just about anything. I’m likely to share posts from other bloggers that I find especially insightful. I will post here the more detailed thinking that, frankly, doesn’t seem to be welcomed on Facebook anymore.

Of course, I have no illusions about developing a large readership, but as with any journal, my goals are largely selfish. That said, I invite informed discussions! To repeat, this is a journey.